Mytravelo for Bussiness

Describe the market need/gap that your product/service addresses. is an online travel platform that associates traveler with travel agents who are expert in the field of planning for a place, assistance, and familiarity. is a re-engineering the proposal and email process in terms of travel packages. This will help you with best and experienced travel agents so to get your dream trip accomplished. Just tell us, how you want to enjoy your trip and in which destination and trust us, we will make it worthwhile! It will help in time and artificial intelligence. A market needs this type of solution because there is no authentication of the agents nowadays in the market.

Highlight how the product will be used and what are the unique features?

A brief concept statement about the product or service. is the platform where the traveler can discuss his/her dream trip with all the liking and disliking and then the agent will come to help as per the requirement of the traveler. The traveler will get well organised packaged processes from within and around the globe and the agents will get hot leads from the traveler using smart agent services.

Unique features like:

  • We are reengineering proposal process.
  • Save time.
  • It will treat as the global tendering platform so to cater the traveler from all around the globe. My Travel is a corporate tendering platform.
  • It is a platform for freelancer, traveler, agent, and agency.
  • It will help both the traveler and the agent for Inbound and Outbound tours.
  • My Travel is a specialized service provider.
  • It is Aggregator for all travel package seller like do for hotels.
  • My Travel will be the multinational technology company, which will be specializing in internet specific services and product in the tour packages destination, exploration, and Meta search field applying the artificial data search.
  • It is a 1st tour package search engine.
  • It is a tour package comparison website and a booking platform.
  • We offer the free and fee-based version, which allow agents to manage their online presence and visibility.

It also further includes:

1) My Travel Ratings Index- This aggregates all listing on Mytravelo and ranks them accordingly. It includes criteria, location, service, facility, tour facility and related travel amenities. We use it to maintain reputed ranking.


2) My Travel Tour Price Index- To display average one-day pricing for the most popular city worldwide, this proves as the most fruitful option. The price is based on the cost of the hotels, itinerary, location, and cost incurred (Food and Guide)


3) My Travelo advise Calendar- This calendar source the most effort able and costly month around the globe and also locally.


Explain the Innovative/ Novelty/Unique features of your idea/solution. How is your solution different from existing/competitor products/substitutes? shares your pressure of searching best possible booking for your dream holidays. The unique feature that My has integrated in it is that is a platform which bridges the gap between a traveler and the agent for direct communication. For our user, we bring best of travel solution at its best price.

Well, it is believed that planning your most dreamy trip should not be time-consuming and pressuring. It should be easy and worth-remembering. Through our travel site, you would be getting most garnered travel agents from all around the globe who will understand your trip motive and thereby will suggest with best of advice. So, you can simply plan up your trip while resting on your most comfortable couch.

Who are your target customers and why they would use your solution?

Our target customer is anybody (Mainly targeting agent/traveller/guide) , who wants to discover the new/other side of his/her country, sub-continent and even other continents. shares your pressure of searching best possible booking for your dream holidays. Well will be helping you out by just sending a single proposal where you can have your choices/desires fulfilled. There will not be flooding of proposals around you which will make you confused rather sorted for your dream destination. They would use the website through easy access of web, DTP and Tablet.

Explain how the business will earn revenue and how much revenue are you expecting?

To start a travel organization association, our business needs an expansive monetary help. The likelihood of finishing profitability in an especially engaged industry fills in as an impediment for new members. We should have the capacity to understand the venture possibilities.

Auto travel business generally is a forceful business and any representative who intends to go into this business should ensure that they do cautious common sense contemplates and factual looking over with the objective that the risks in the business can be massively restricted. The Goal of the revenue Plan is principal to get the requirements of the business.

As we are likely to cater people from all around the globe, the evaluated costs incorporate showcasing income, customer contact variable cost, deals costs, pay rates, Infrastructure, Mobile Applications benefit ads coordination, site, maintenance and upkeep, organization and staff administration framework and so on the budgetary arrangement that we will make up will be on the premise of the possibility of the business.

What is the current status of the business?

Ideation/under development/pilot launch/revenue generation started, etc. If already launched, describe your achievement so far. It is Under-Developed.

Briefly describe the profiles (Qualification & Experience) of full time founders.

The idea of My Travelo is developed and founded by Mr. Praveen Kumar Rastogi, a Lucknow Localite. He has gained about 10+ full time experiences in IT Industry in his kitty. During excelling in this field, he has achieved mastery as B.A, BDM, Sales & Marketing in technology.